Often, homeowners undergo necessary interior and exterior design project yet, something still doesn’t feel right; the secret behind a complete design project is décor. We believe property should showcase an individual’s style and taste with touches of elegance and distinctiveness so we go to the extreme to source for décor ideas, and materials that can make a big difference in your home.

Materials and design patterns used to apply the finishing touch in your property is an expression of your personality.

At Natalia Neverko Designs, we listen to your decor requirements, and choices, proffer additional solutions until we conclude together.

We undergo this process because our decoration services serve as a complement to your preferences. We take into deep consideration our clients’ preferences because we believe our clients come first; we listen and advise where necessary. Kindly refer to images of real projects for real clients we have designed for our happy customers in Miami, and other top cities in the USA.