Designer For The Day

Natalia Neverko Design can provide its customers with such services as; “Designer for a Day.” This means that a client can hire an interior designer on an hourly basis (typically for 6-8 hours) for a set price. This kind of interior design consultation has a goal to give recommendations to a client on a variety of things, including floor space and lighting analysis, help with selecting materials and supplies and so on.

Clients have a unique opportunity to work with interior designers who come from a strong architectural background and can envision spaces and evaluate them from convenience and ergonomics.

Apart from that, during this consultation a client and a designer can get to know each other personally and decide whether they can be a good fit as individuals to work together on similar future services. Such consultation from a leading interior design Miami firm is of immense benefits to clients. Firstly, an interior designer talks to a client and gets information on the client’s background, personal preferences and vision.

Our professional designer advises how to change and redesign the space. We go to the stores with the client to pick the materials, give recommendations on colors, fabrics, and finishes. We will also suggest different stores for the clients to visit where they can find trendy things.

After consultation, the client can see that working on a project involves many stages and that hiring Natalia Neverko Design will not only greatly facilitate the project, but will also make it fun and easy.