Selection of local suppliers

Selection of the right supplier is a task of great importance. At our interior design Miami firm, we work closely with our customers on their projects to define the best contractors and suppliers for each client. We find out their preferences on styles, colors, materials of furniture, lighting, decor, and finishes based on this information we recommend international and local suppliers for their design projects.

Some of our clients prefer to work with local US brands like Restoration Hardware, Kravet and Waterworks, and other companies. We always take into account the desires of our clients as this enables us to make the right decision on the choice of suppliers. Our interior designers cooperate with many local companies.

During years of working on various interior design projects, our design Sunny Isles firm has accumulated a large number of local businesses in our portfolio of suppliers.

These are the firms that provide high-quality products made using innovative materials and the latest trends in interior design. Let’s assume that you want to work with a supplier in your city, state, and country.

We can assure you that we’ll locate the best local brands to match your interior design project. Natalia Neverko Design will take into account all the factors of choosing a perfect supplier, such a; high quality of products and materials, customer service, cost, delivery and so on.

With local suppliers, our customers get the brand and product that fits them culturally, and this is an aspect that is valued a lot by many of our customers.