Trump Royale, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida

Welcome to Cote d’Azur our luxury water front interior design project in the Heart of Sunny Isles Beach, FL. This is a second home for our clients, French Canadian Couple from Montreal. The beautiful couple wanted a sense of excitement and splendor in their Miami home. I was inspired by the nature of the places I saw during my trips to the South of France.

“Wow, wow, wow. I like so much. Perfect colors, very nice! You are amazing! Tu es la meillere! -  it translates from French as You are the Best Interior Designer ! These words touched my heart, when I got this message from our clients,  when they saw our design presentation for the first time. An open-concept interior that proves less can be more is how I would describe this interior design. It gives a great opportunity to open up spaces to take advantage to tropical sun, breathtaking ocean view and relaxing Miami lifestyle. Now our clients don’t have to travel to Cote d’Azur to get the feel of the place; we brought it here, to this modern apartment inspired by French Riviera. In this project we tried to transform the apartment into a luxury retreat and a comfortable space for the whole family..

Living Room

Finding inspiration from elements of nature, we were able to incorporate a fresh light sunrise color palette and a splash of neutrals.
When it came to selecting furniture and accessories, we were inspired by the energy and charismatic personality of the clients.
The vision was communicated through playful patterns, layered materials, and contemporary designs, top of the line pieces.

Dinning room

On the Dinning room wall we incorporated two panels Porcelain Slab which imitates the Calacata Marble,

this panel divided long wall and we were able tomatch and mirror the image of a marble - it looks like the walls talk to each other.

This slab seamlessly goes to the kitchen counter making a unique and interesting accent.
Dining furniture set is from the latest collection of the Catalana Furniture Italian manufacturer. It helps create cozy area where the whole family can gather to
dine and relax. Its textures and materials add warmth and true feeling of tropical dwelling. The furniture is selected to effortlessly match the design.

Modern Kitchen

For kitchen cabinets we used soft colors. The colors and texture slightly differ for top are glossy and bottom are mat texture cabinets.

Glossy finishes of kitchen cabinets, reflecting the space, light colors and natural materials give the effect and feeling of the large airy space.

For backsplash we used a single color quartz slab so we have minimum joins. As you can see there are only two in the whole kitchen counter top. The color CeNiza (a shade of a gray color) gives the whole kitchen a contemporary look, creates harmony with warm tones of the kitchen and goes beautifully with the vein pattern of Kitchen Island. I strongly believe that the lighting is super important in contemporary design. This chandelier and 3 ascent lights provides elegant touch to the whole kitchen without obstructing the view.

Master Bedroom

In the design of master bedroom we focused on the ceiling accents. We added a drop ceiling per perimeter of the room with cove LED lighting with adjustable
brightness which can create several moods. On the walls we put velvet wallpaper texture and the color that is very fashionable this season. Vertical stripes of the wallpaper emphasize and visually
open up the space of the room. In master bedroom we placed the furniture featuring clean lines and great design from the famous brand Restoration
Hardware. For the bed, we chose a light gray material with glossy large texture fasbric
It harmoniously complements the color of the wallpaper with its different texture patterns. For bedside cabinets and dressers, we selected light wood that
adds the atmosphere of comfort with the choice of natural wood material. For the window draperies we used the modern material called Net.
We carefully selected all the essential components for the design of master bedroom to give it functional modern design with sleek look.


Master Bathroom

We invite you to see the master bathroom. As you can see it features combination of gorgeous light and Porcelain slabs which brought more texture
to the walls and opened up the space visually making it look higher. Choice of dark and white colors offers an contrast and creates this spectacular
dramatic look. Light marbles help to get a gorgeous balanced look and visually open this luxury space, while Italian thin porcelain slab in dark blue-gray really makes a great
accent creating dazzling contemporary look. We used a wall-mounted mirror with LEd lamps throughout the perimeter that
gives a direct light which is great when you need to see your face or figure in the mirror.
They produce a lot of light, create great impression and seamlessly blend with the rest of the design. As far as shower we used one with multiple heads (ceiling
shower and spray jets on the wall. Frameless shower glass door completes the great master bedroom design. By mixing and matching design ideas and design
products from top manufacturers we have achieved the unified look, but what’s even more important we have made the apartment comfortable and livable.

Our clients were glowing from joy when they saw the results of our work.

We have combined various colors, textures and materials to achieve that perfect look, which the clients had in mind when they started working with us.

We are happy that we were able to create the interior design that feels so good,
because it was created with love and strong desire to have a positive impact on their life.
We wanted the interior design of this apartment make our client feel at home every time they come to Miami.