Selection of Furniture, Lighting, Decorations & Finishes

Selection of furniture, lighting, decorations, and finishes is a fun and rewarding activity with interior designers from Natalia Neverko Design. Together with our clients, we start the whole process by looking at layouts and space plans deciding on what kind of products to choose based on assigned criteria.

We always take into consideration the style of the design project, desired level and requirements of comfort and, of course, the budget.

The best place to start is discussing style and aesthetic considerations of the client. Then we begin conversation about the options available for the client’s budget and preferences. Indeed, some clients want to emphasize the softness of the furniture and needs, for example, a sofa and chairs made of certain soft materials, the others prefer leather or textiles.

We work individually with each client to select each furniture and finishes. Our interior designers always take into account the individual preferences of our customers.

When all the key points are considered, we proceed with technical details such as layout and accommodation of furniture and décor in the interior. Our top interior designers Miami check all the drawings and plans including interior elevations to specify the furniture layout and accommodation of décor elements to the finest details.

This approach also ensures that all the furniture measurements from manufacturing company are calculated and matched with the floor plans. Attention to details is critical when it comes to the selection of Furniture and Finishes; it ensures the success of the project.